Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide

    Our articles on Clash Royale Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide The editorial 'details everything you need to know about the game interface.

    When we play Clash Royale, it can be difficult to assimilate, at once, all the information that falls under our noses. Indeed, game interface has a lot of elements and because of this, a dedicated guide is essential. In this one we will detail all the information that we can have on the screen and, de facto, what they do and (or) mean.
    To better understand this guide, we advise you to read the one on the basics of the game. screenshot, below, the numbers correspond to the description of the different elements of the game interface. Finally, even if there are different settings depending on the arena where you are (10 here), the playing surface remains the same.

    Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide


    1. The cards you have in your possession and that, therefore, you can play. You just have to drag and drop the card on the ground (in green). Here, to give an example, Tomb stone and Skeleton. The level of your unit/building, as you see it, is shown, along with its life bar.

    Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide

    If the icon is grayed out (see below), it means that you don't have enough elixir to play it. The number at the bottom center of each icon is the elixir needed to play the card.

    Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide

    2. La elixir bar, which empties and recharges. The number on it means how many we can use. The shaded part shows the progress of the recharging of this bar. If we rely on the previous image, the white part corresponds to the time remaining before being able to play the unit/building/spell.

    3. After playing a card, the icon shows the one that can be played next.

    4. Un menu which allows you to send sound and animated emotes to his opponent, but also small words/phrases. You can also mute your opponent. An image to see clearly:

    Clash Royale: Game Interface Guide

    5. La King's Tower, with a number indicating your level of the King, as well as that of your opponent. If you see your life bar, it means it is active. Otherwise, as in the picture, nothing appears.

    6. The Crowned Towers, with two on each side. The life bar of these appear (for you) when they are touched at least once.

    7. The river, which represents a part that ground units cannot cross, except for exceptions (Pig Rider and the Thief if she has a target).

    8. The bridges, which ground units can pass through.

    9. Le number of crowned towers which has been fallen. As a reminder, falling the King's Tower gives 3 crowns and ends the game.

    10. Le opponent's nickname, clan name (if there is one), the crest of the latter and his number of trophies. Out of respect for the opponent, his name and clan have been blacked out.

    11. Le remaining time before the end of the game.

    12. The game squares. They materialize where you can put your units on the ground. This way, the speed and reach of a unit, spell or building are defined with these.

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