Clash Royale: Introduction to the 5 tips

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    Public chat Clash Royale, the 5 tips are regular articles that will give you additional keys to better play the title of Supercell. They are focused on one unit and are recommended for beginners, but can be a source of inspiration for everyone. On the menu today, an introduction, which shows the format that future articles will have.


    1. If you place the Roquette and Goblin Barrel in precise timing, you can punish an opponent who doesn't pay attention to what he can see. Indeed, the drag of the Roquette partly hides the Keg, which can work in your favor. here is an example, to finish a part:


    2. If you don't have small units with you against a Minor, know that if you put a Electro-wizard near it, it will directly redirect to the latter. Indeed, theElectro-wizard having a small stun will cause the unit to refocus, which is largely to your advantage.


    3. Against slow ground units, having a Ice Golem can turn out to be very useful. Indeed, if you place it well, the enemy unit will stupidly follow, which can greatly reduce its usefulness and cause it to change lanes. Here, an example with the Valkyrie :


    Clash Royale: Introduction to the 5 tips

    4. A tomb stone is very strong against mega knight. Indeed, the generation of units means that he must jump constantly, which slows his progress and lets the Towers damage him.

    5. When you place a defensive or other building, such as the Furnace for example, it is silly to place it too close to the river. On the other hand, if your opponent does it, you can take advantage of it. Indeed, a unit like Baby dragon, common in certain types of decks, is able to reach the building without taking damage from Towers.

    Clash Royale: Introduction to the 5 tips

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