What is the release date of Nexomon Extinction?

    What is the release date of Nexomon Extinction?

    Nexomon Extinction, from developers VEWO Interative Inc., now has a release date. The monster-catching game is due out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on August 28. The PS4 and Nintendo Switch will both get physical releases, for those who want to purchase a boxed copy.

    Nexomon: Extinction is a classic monster catching game, with over 300 unique Nexomon for you to track down, capture, and train. As you'd expect, tactical depth comes from pairing different types of Nexomon, and many of them are able to evolve into more powerful forms.

    In the game, you will explore multiple regions, hunting down the mighty Tyrant Nexomon who is so powerful that he poses a threat to the world itself. It will be up to you to join the Tamers Guild and do whatever you can to help them control these powerful Nexomon, who wish to dominate all life on the planet. The game also promises dynamic difficulty scaling that will provide you with the right level of challenge no matter where you are or who you're fighting against.

    VEWO Interative Inc. also promises plenty of surprises, side quests and other activities to get up to, as well as a cast of interesting and quirky characters to interact with.

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