New World experiences its best peak of 2022

Despite a successful launch in terms of players (peak at 910 players), the experience was not perfect in September 000, in particular due to server problems and many other in-game issues. gave up, while the most assiduous stayed for several months, but some of them ended up leaving the survival MMO aside.

Amazon didn't give up, however, and worked to revamp the experience. The developers first fixed the issues and added content, which delighted some players, before publishing, in October, a major update, Sulfide, allowing to discover, among other things, a new zone while offering a redesigned starting experience. In the aftermath, dedicated servers for new characters have been launched, which has motivated players to return to New World.

As we can see on Steam Charts, 137 simultaneous users were counted on October 755, and this figure has not decreased since, which confirms that the latest additions are relevant. As a bonus, to encourage the most reluctant to take the plunge, New World took advantage of a 31% reduction, dropping it to €50. Let's hope it lasts longer and that a new craze is created, so that New World becomes the game it should have been at launch.

N remains available on PC, only on Steam.
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