What is and how to get Pinnacle gear in Destiny 2

You want access to the best Destiny 2 gear, not only to increase your light level and make your guardian stronger, but to do more things in the game. The higher level you are, the more you and your friends can play together with activities, strikes, and endgame content. The best way to increase your Guardian's light level is to receive Pinnacle gear from specific activities in the game.

How Destiny 2 Power Levels Work

You need to understand how light levels in Destiny 2 work because they determine the type of material you want to use. Right now, all Guardians in Destiny 2 start at Power Level 750 with the introduction of the Shadowkeep expansion and the free-to-play New Light system. The low level you want to aim for is over Power Level 900. From there you want to get to Power Level 960, and the hardest is going to be reaching Power Level 970. Players are going to feel the squeak when trying to aim power level 970.

With the introduction of the Artifact, every player can exceed this level when they obtain it. It helps gamers who are having trouble getting Pinnacle Gear. However, at the end of the season, the artifact disappears and players lose this power boost.

You shouldn't worry about trying to reach Power Level 900 as you need to reach it by going through the Shadowkeep story missions. When you're done, you'll want to do additional activities on the tower for the various NPCs there. You want to complete bounties for Shaxx, Zavala, The Drifter, Ikora, Banshee-44, The Sundial, and you can do clan activities for Suraya. These are the best sources for receiving powerful gear, and you can also loot Exotic Engrams to boost your numbers. When you reach Power Level 960, however, Powerful Gear is no longer for you.

How to Get Pinnacle Gear

It's time to upgrade to Pinnacle Gear. None of the recurring weekly vendors in the tower provide this gear, and you can receive it by completing these tasks:

  • Garden of Salvation (the new raid)
  • Iron Banner Scholarships (a special event)
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal, scoring 100 points or more by the end of it
  • Nightmare Hunts on Master Difficulty
  • The pit of heresy

These special activities are strenuous. You will not be able to complete several of them alone. It would be best if you had a reliable team that actively communicates with each other to go through most of this content. If you don't, you could easily find yourself failing again and again. Pinnacle Gear contains the best weapons and armor in the game, which is why this is so difficult. While you may come across Exotics that completely change the way you play your character and provide great bonuses, you need the Pinnacle gear count to increase your power level to reach the best levels in the game.

When you hit 960, you're ready to play harder content in Destiny 2. But, when you hit the 970 cap, the game isn't over yet. You can always go even higher by upgrading your Artifact and strengthening your Guardian. If you have multiple goalies, you can make sure they all get Pinnacle gear throughout a season to become better.

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